Who are we?


AMBER Project Ltd offers  a wide range of training and consulting services aimed at supporting effective preparation, realization and completion of international research projects, research-training projects and supportive ones, especially those funded within EU framework programmes.

We offer our services in two main thematic areas, namely:

  • research management;
  • law in research activities, including statutory activities and research projects.

The greatest assets of AMbER Project are its experts experienced in the realization of framework programmes projects in Poland and other international research projects, research-training projects and supportive ones. Having wide international contacts in business and R&D communities in Europe, carrying our regular research on professionalizing research management in Poland and other European countries, issuing articles on national and international level in the field of research management and law, our experts are developing their skills to serve our clients with the services of the best quality and assure the effective support to their needs.

The distinctive features of our activities are trainings and consulting services, based on thoroughly tested solutions originating from practical experience of our experts, not just theoretical knowledge. Our trainings are designed as unique individual modules with the interactive, advisory character. 

Our activities also include the participation of AMbER Project in international projects, either as a project coordinator or project partner, implemented under EU framework programmes.
Our ambition and particular part of activity is to be active in launching national cooperation initiatives with government agencies,  aimed at improving conditions for performing national and international research projects in Poland.

Areas of competences:

Research management

Legal advisory in research