Agreements in research

Agreements in research define and protect mutual rights and duties of all participating parties, and also influence legal security of performed activities. Their role is growing not only within statutory research activities of different organizations, but also while performing research projects financed from different programmes at national and international level. They play a crucial role in shaping frames and directions of organisation activities and regulate intellectual property rights.

Agreements in research refer to:

  • Legal relations between a beneficiary and a financing institution;
  • Relations among partners participating in the project;
  • Relations between a beneficiary and individuals working for the project.

Our ambition is to protect intellectual property rights of our clients and secure their specific needs as optimal tax income benefits.

What we offer:

We offer comprehensive, professional support in preparing the following agreements:

  • Consortium agreements;
  • Project agreements with financing institutions;
  • Agreements with contractors and subcontractors;
  • Agreements with scientists involved in research and research - training projects.

We offer the professional preparation of agreements, legal opinions and our support in the process of negotiating with the third parties.