Developement of organisation’s project maturity


Management of research projects belongs to permanently and dynamically developing areas of functioning, present in many organizations, while in case of research organizations it has become almost an obligatory and inevitable process. Participation in international research projects has a direct influence on the perception of the institution on the market, as well as of its position on national and international level in the field of its research expertise. The well-structured and up-to-date research strategy defines the competitive advantages of the organisation. 

The success of the realization of research projects
 depends on many operational and strategic factors, which taken together constitute the research project management system, also known as a model of maturity in research

Organisation’s project maturity is determined by the following factors:

  • Development of the organisation’s research strategy;
  • Promotion and enhancement of the organisation’s personnel competences;
  • Creation of an institutional support for research activities (research support office, RSO);
  • A method of standardizing best practices of research project management.

Organisations that have the ambition to continuously improve their competence in the field of research management, create a strategy for developing their projects maturity. Our ambition is to support this process with our expertise and practice. We are convinced that the advanced management and long-term research strategy effectively support excellence in research.

Advanced Management to back up Excellence in Research!

Our support includes:
  • Audits /diagnosis of the organisation’s maturity in the field of research management;
  • Design of the strategy to develop organisation’s research project maturity;
  • Advisory in the process of research strategy implementation;
  • Advisory in shaping and implementing institutional research support (RSO);
  • Support in shaping and developing competence profiles of research managers.