Innovative start-ups clinic

Innovative start-ups clinic of AMbER Project is a dedicated tool offered to experts who are the owners of innovative ideas and research solutions, and are willing to commercialize them in the future. 

Developing a start-up is bearing legal risk, especially regarding the protection of intellectual property rights. It concerns the relations with third parties and legal relationship between its co-authors. Well-elaborated agreements play a crucial role in this issue, and constitute a real support in the process of intellectual rights protection. As regards the innovative start-ups clinic, we offer our expertise in evaluating the conditions and requirements concerning the participation in projects financed from national and international sources, where participating in the project often means sharing/giving intellectual rights to the third parties. 

Services of AMbER Project within Innovative start-ups clinic are performed only under prior confidentiality agreement with a Client.

Our support includes:
  • Advising on protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Advising on setting up agreements and negotiations with contractors or providers of funds for development projects, including "business angels";
  • Advising on the allocation and protection of rights between creators of innovative solutions;
  • Helping to mediate between the co-authors of innovative solutions.