Legal advisory in research

One of our main competences constitutes legal advisory in research. We offer our support in the field of an institution current research activities and in the performance of research projects, funded under different programmes at national and international level. 

Thanks to the profound experience of our experts, we have the ambition to serve our clients with the best legal advice, always offering safe and the most efficient solutions adjusted to individuals and their organisations. 

We are thoroughly prepared to support our clients with very specific niche law issues, depending on specific characteristics of the particular organization or project performed. 

Legal advisory in research of AMbER Project Group refers to the following thematic areas:

  • Income taxes in research and research supporting actions;
  • Application of an individual interpretation of tax law
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR);
  • Spin-offs, spin-outs/alternative forms;
  • Commercialisation and implementation of research results;
  • Public procurement in research
  • Organistaions’ internal law regulations;
  • International projects rules of employment;
  • International projects renumeration of experts;
  • International project agreements;
  • Legal analysis of international project performance;
  • Legal analysis of organisation instutitional conditions;
  • Analysis of law rules regarding the realization of national and international research projects;
  • Legal analysis of the institution's preparation for the project;
  • Other specific, niche law aspects regarding the realization of the research, ordered by the clients.

Parallel to legal advisory in research, we serve our clients with tailored trainings and workshops in the area of law aspects of research activities.

Supported funding schemes:

Collaborative Projects (CP)                                        

Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)

International research and training project (Marie Curie Actions)

Projects within the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)