Partner search

Implementation of research projects and those supporting research is very often connected to the requirement to create international partnerships and define international project consortium. Specific conditions concerning project consortium (eligiblity check) are always given at the level of a given call for proposal. 

The process of partner search implies three important questions:

  • How many partners do we need for our consortium?
  • What partners profiles are important for our consortium?
  • Where and how to find right partners for our consortium? (What are the right motives?)

Having numerous contacts here in Poland but also for an international scale, we are ready to support our clients in the process of defining research project consortia. 

Supported funding schemes:

Collaborative Projects (CP)                                        

Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)

International research and training project (Marie Curie Actions)

Projects within the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)