Project idea laboratory

Definitions of the project idea and its concept are some of the most important steps within the preparation of project proposal, as they directly determine the final success of the application. 

Depending on the specific program under which proposal is going to be submitted, it can be more or less complex process, but it always has a very unique and innovative character. In the case of EU framework programs, including the most current 7th Framework Programme, the suitable project idea and concept are complex and demanding tasks. This prestigious, highly competitive program, that is also the main source of research funding at European level, requires not only excellent science and research ideas but also a number of other important aspects that has to be taken into account, during the process of applying for funds. 

At Amber Project we are thoroughly prepared to provide you with our expertise and experience in developing the optimal project idea, taking into account all the relevant aspects required by the program. On the basis of the prepared summary of the project, we are ready to consult your idea with our experts, specialized in the specific field of the project, to provide you with comments and suggestions.

The service "Laboratory of project idea" runs within the following steps:

  1. Preparation of the project idea summary according to the template provided by us;
  2. Evaluation of the idea by our experts and formulation of the opinion and advise;
  3. Joint consultation/discussion (telephone/teleconference/email);
  4. The formulation of our proposals for the final draft of the project idea and concept.

The "Laboratory of project idea" activity can be implemented as a separate or integral part of the process of preparing the project proposal.



Our services are always performed on the basis of an appropriate confidentiality agreement.
Supported finding schemes:

Collaborative Projects (CP)                                        

Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)

International research and training project (Marie Curie Actions)

Projects within the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)